Wainscoted Nursery: Shaker Pegs

Installing shaker pegs along the top rail of my nursery’s wainscoting was a great idea and a quick and easy job.

I can also see adding shaker pegs to a piece of leftover molding to create a simple coat or towel bar – try it!


You’ll need:
  • shaker pegs
  • borer drill bit
  • wood glue
  • paint/stain (optional)

1.  Paint the pegs
Jab some holes into a cardboard box with scissors, jam in the pegs, and spraypaint.


2.  Bore your holes
Once you know where you want them, just use a borer drill bit (see pic) to make the holes.


My pegs had a 3/8” diameter, so I used a 3/8” borer bit wiggled during  drilling to make a slightly bigger hole.

3.  Glue pegs into holes


using wood glue after you test the fit.   I also twisted the pegs so the glue was dis-TREE-bew-TED & spread around.

4.  Wipe up excess glue


(and clean that sawdusty mess ;)

You’re done!


The pegs only cost a coupla bucks for 8, so not only was this update functional, it was cheap!


I love how the pegs look with the wainscoting, and I like being able to hang up a few cute nursery items for display and use!

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