I know many of you were surprised to wake up this morning and not find an issue of Pregnant... With Power Tools in your reader  (OK, at least 1 of you was surprised!)

I am running out of post material since my bigger belly has started getting in the way of big projects.
I do have hopes (and dreams) of doing these again soon (but I also remember that those first weeks of a new baby leave room for nothing else).

So I thought I'd take Mondays for a series about tools (power and other)!

The question at this point (OK, 2 questions) are:
  1. Would this be useful?  There are already a lot of How-Tos and reviews on the web... I need to think about what I can contribute!  I believe these could be a mix of great links to existing material, personal experience, tips and tricks, smart shortcuts, etc  If there's one thing I'm good at it's research!

  2. Which would you prefer?  A different tool each week (orbital sander, dremel, circular saw, paint sprayer...) or different diy activities (sanding, painting, cutting) covering some of the tools used for that task.  For example, sanding can be done with a dremel, sanding block or orbital sander - the tool depends on the type of sanding you need to do.  

These last type of post would be pretty hefty, more so than those covering a single tool, and maybe a good compromise is to create groups of posts around these activities!

Please let me know what you think in the comments or vote on the poll on my sidebar!  I'm excited about this, and I think it could be educational for us all! Bookmark and Share
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