Nursery Bedding: Crib Bumper

Oooohhh… this was a tough project… but don’t let that stop you from making your own!  It got easier with practice!

It’s a vertical split crib bumper – the fabric panels sit next to each other.  Brown strips line up with the tie locations.


I measured Bamm-Bamm’s old bumper covers and cut multiple panels of fabric (which when lined up next to each other will be the same size as the old cover - including seams – which should have been more generous considering my novice skill level).

Copy of P3270019

I sewed the panels together (including narrow strips of brown fabric where I planned for the ties to be. 
I sewed the top and the ends together.

It’s like a long narrow pillowcase.  Ties were added and sewed into the seam like in the pic.  Just pretend it’s inside-out!  This (my 1st bumper) was not sewn inside-out like it should have been – I learned from my mistakes though!


Repeat seam for the bottom, with ties, except I left an 8 inch space in the middle to put the bumper in.


Close the opening with iron-on velcro.

This way I can remove the bumper in order to wash the cover.


It doesn’t fit perfectly – but you can’t tell!



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