Refinished Dresser/Changing Table

So I finally finished refinishing the changing table for the nursery!

Like the rest of the furniture, it's painted in Rustoleum's Kona Brown, a nice warm dark brown that looks great with the soft green color (Behr Palm Breeze) that I used on the walls.

1. I took the changing table apart for this.

Use a quality face mask, and 120 grit sandpaper.  And no, the plastic toy tools seen here at the top of this pic weren't very helpful!

2. Sanded everything

I didn't sand all the way to the wood everywhere (I would have if I was staining, but for paint, a light sanding works fine). I actually think this "partially sanded look" would be great in a beach-themed room!

3. 2-3 coats of paint

Looks pretty smooth!

Ta-Da! It's done! But I am starting to buy the necessary parts to use my new paint sprayer - I hope it will make painting a lot less work!!

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