Thrifting Through Thursdays: The Best Deals

A friend who doesn’t shop thrift very often asked me recently “What are the best buys at the thrift store”?

This question really has two answers, and it depends on what kind of thrift shopper you are.

Those who Shop Thrift Once in a While

The best deals are from items that tend to have a high retail price.
Chandeliers, high end clothes, expensive home goods and sports equipment, furniture.
These items cost >$50 at the mall, but can often be had for 10-20% of that price at the thrift store.
In comparison, extension cords, dishes, books, and basic housewares may only be a dollar or two less than what they cost at Walmart (or Big Lots).

Still a deal?  I say so, but it I’m one of

Those who Frequently Shop Thrift

If you can (and like) to hit the local thrift a few times a month, you can make your dollar stretch in multiple ways.

1)  Cheap(er) basics that are easy to find at the thrift.  Extension cords, dishes, kitchenware, books, candles, picture frames, clothes, and toddler and baby clothes (they outgrow ‘em so fast that these are often in great shape.)

2)  Harder to find (at the thrift store) basics.  It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I find Diaper Genie refills ($2), sandpaper, office and cleaning supplies, and even new-in-box baby bottle nipples.
Picture 003 This week’s haul: a mix of easy and hard to find “basic” items

3)    Harder to find big ticket items.   That perfect chandelier –or antique school desk-  you’ve been keeping an eye out for months for, high-end designer clothes and jewelry, valuable collectibles, and fancee appliances.  (Personally, I’ve found that gorg chandelier, an automatic soap dispenser, designer silk dress, and even a paint sprayer. )

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