Wainscoted Nursery: part 4?

So do any of you remember my wainscoted (board 'n batten) nursery?

Looks like I'm running out of time to get it ready!  I'm in the "latent phase of labor" already!  That's the polite bloggy way to say the baby lightened over a week ago and as of last Monday I was already a few cm dilated...  Second baby, so who knows, but yes... he may be early!

My inspiration photo for the nursery was a little different than what I did, however, one of the things I liked were the little shaker pegs along the wall.  See 'em?  Those little peg hanger thingys along the wall (right under the picture ledge)?

Bos Custom Cabinetry

They look like this

What do you think?  I don't (can't) have them all over, but maybe a few in "good" locations.

I can see hanging cute/useful stuff on them...like
  • tomorrow's outfit for baby
  • my camera/video recorder
  • blankie or robe
Tell me - should I do it!?
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