Delicious-ness: Nursery Bedding

Who doesn't spend hours on the internets drooling over nursery bedding?

What?  You don't.  Why not!

It's only yummy enough to eat.

I've been looking for the perfect soft green toile nursery bedding to go with the cute curtains I got at the thrift store... no I do not have the patience to wait and find more thrift store bedding... for a crib... in that color... in toile.  It just won't happen.  Aaaand I'm due in 4 weeks!

So I hunted for inspiration on the world wide web.

Here's what I found.
1.  Love the color and the toile, but it's a little bland no?

No pom-poms please.

2.  Love the vertical split bumper panels

3.  Great bumpers here too, and I Love the inverted box pleat with contrasting color

So, I bought the fabric I want at the thrift store... and I'm going to use these inspirations to sew my own nursery bedding... stay tuned (I am not a seamstress)!!

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5 Responses
  1. This is one oft he most amazing nurseries i have seen... it is adorable!!! I have a website about Nursery Bedding

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  2. This bedding is very nice.I Love the inverted box pleat with contrasting color.Its colour is very attractive.

  3. I love this, it's not the super green and white nursery like every other blogger right now. It's beautiful and that crib is amazing.
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