Delicious-ness: So Hard to Pick

It's so hard to pick just some great projects for this week's Delicious-ness.

What's worse - I won't have time to do all of them (at least this week)...!  Boo- hoo!

Still... these gals have got talent, and ideas, and class!  Love it all!

1.  Thrifty Decor Chick's "built-in" molding framed art!  Oh my cat!  This is gorgEous!

2.  The Painted Hive's How to Score Timber

Honestly, my first thought was "this is a way to get cheap wood"... yeah, but I like this post even better! Ever wanted to take a plain flat tabletop and make it look like boards! This is the tutorial for you!

3.  Rebekah@Potholes & Pantyhose gorgeous mirror

I am so doing this!  Maybe up high where little fingers will be safe?

4.  Under the Table Dreaming's Recycled Plastic Bag Wreath

What a great way to use those extra plastic bags!!! Bookmark and Share
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