My Pretty Corkboard

We've had a pretty wet spring (for Northern California), and it makes me want to add more blue to my workspace. (The color will liven it up sure, but why blue - specifically aqua and turquoise?).  Maybe it just says summer.  It's also calming and very pretty (in a not pink way).

What you'll need:
  • Piece of cork cut to fit your frame   (or cork liner and foamboard)
  • Frame   (I painted mine Almond to match the rest of my craft area decor)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Decoration! (buttons, fabric/paper flowers, ribbon)
Since the cork liner (self-adhesive) was on sale and WAY cheaper than cork tiles, I bought the liner!

I used a piece of old foamboard to beef it up a bit and give my tacks more thickness to work with.  Cork liner on foamboard works just as well as the thicker cork pieces.
**You can also use 2 layers of cork liner if you want!**

Painted with Aqua or turquoise acrylic paint (watered down 20%).  The more water, the less the color you put on the cork.  I wanted it to look slightly washed on.  I put on quite a few coats to get enough color.   You could even layer multiple colors - and I bet that would look awesome!

Added some ribbon, fabric and paper flowers, and some buttons and brads.  Maybe you can tell - this part is not one of my strengths!  I just used hot glue to attach these here and there randomly.

Now I have a place for my receipts inspirational magazine clippings!

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