Nursery Bedding: Crib Skirt with Inverted Box Pleats

I made a crib skirt with inverted box pleats in a contrasting color!

 As the second sewing project for the nursery, this was a little harder than the panel curtains I made.

I also only made a partial skirt – just for those parts of the crib that are seen.

Here’s a brief tutorial:

Inverted box pleats generally follow a 2:4 ratio.  A 4” piece of fabric = 2” pleat.
  • measure and cut fabric panels (green fabric) and contrasting pleat inserts (brown fabric)
After folding the edges, I placed the fabric together face-to-face and sewed two seams along the edge.
  • repeat for each of the panels and inserts
  • sew a seam along the bottom
  • fold the pleats (like this) and iron flat
  • fold over top twice and sew along the top of the skirt, holding the pleat in place
  • added iron-on velcro in order to attach skirt to crib

Problems I had:  I had to cut and hot glue the pleats at the corners of the crib to fit the crib’s design.

Otherwise, this was a totally do-able sewing project – even for a complete newbie like me!
I am NOT so sure the next project will be so doable…

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