Nursery Letters on Canvas

I've been picking up artist's canvases at the thrift store when I see them.
I think they'll make the perfect backdrop for my wooden nursery letters.

I also have some fabric I'm making nursery bedding with (coming soon).

All the fabric has been measured and cut (but not yet sewn) and I have some small pieces left over.
So I covered the canvases with the scrap fabric.  When the bedding is all finished, it will tie the room together great!

**You could always do this with canvas stretchers (4 pieces of wood that make the frame).  It's cheaper than buying already-made canvases (unless you got yours at the thrift store), especially for large sizes.

You'll need
  • canvas or stretchers
  • staple gun
  • fabric
1.  Cut fabric to fit
But leave enough on the edges to easily wrap to the back of the canvas.

2.  Stretch fabric over canvas (or stretchers) and staple in place
Always work from the middle outwards (I used to be an art major a meeellion years ago)
    a.  Start in the center, staple, pull taut, move to the opposite side, staple.
    b.  Repeat on the other edges.
    c.  Now staple to the edge on each side, pulling taut as you go.  Leave the corners for last.
    d.  At the corners, fold the edges neatly (think hospital corners), and staple.


It doesn't matter how it looks on the back as long as it's tidy in the front!

3.  Hot glue the wooden letters to the canvas
I found out that hot glue works the best for keeping those heavy letters in place!

I also made my own fabric ribbons from the brown fabric to hang the canvases with.  So I'll post about making your own fabric ribbons tomorrow. Bookmark and Share
3 Responses

  1. Beautiful!! I did something similar (minus the letters) for my daughter's room. But instead of canvas, I got those box kind of picture frames and taped the fabric onto it!

  2. That sounds like a fabulous idea Daniii!! I think I'll do that for some art in my craft room! I can usually picture frames a lot easier than canvases!

    - Christin

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