Fabric covered thumbtacks

My new cork-board looks Bee-utiful, but I'm hating on those thumb tacks!

Solution - fabric covered thumbtacks!

Turns out adding tacks to basic ball cover buttons (you know - the buttons you can cover in fabric)  is super easy!  The only tool you'll need are scissors!

You'll need:
  • light to medium-weight fabric
  • half ball cover buttons (I used size 24 - 5/8")
  • thumb tacks
  • scissors

1.  Remove the button hook from the button cover. 

The button hook is just that little metal U seen in the middle of the button cover here.  Just grab 'em with your fingers - mine came out super easy.

2.  Stick your thumbtack through the slot in the backplate.

3.  Just use the pattern from the package to cut the fabric.

4.  Center button cover over fabric and working from side to side hook fabric onto the little "teeth"

5.  Snap on the backplate and you're done!

No hot gluing required!  This was super simple to do, and my new thumbtacks look so pretty!

Got a magnet board instead??  Just buy those little round magnets and a bigger size of button covers to make fabric covered magnets!!!
(You will have to use hot glue for making those however!  Just follow these instructions but instead of using thumbtacks glue a magnet to the back of the finished button.) Bookmark and Share
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