Thrifting Through Thursdays: Habitat for Humanity ReStore

I recently had the pleasure of shopping for the first time at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (in Oakland, CA).

This place was described to me as a "housewares/hardware meets thrift" store... whatever that means.

It was so cool!  I would describe them as a hit-and-miss (you never know exactly what you may find) hardware store that's strong on the doors/cabs, and has great prices!

First Second thing I saw after entering were these HUGE entry doors (what, maybe 12 ' tall!).

Then I saw these tiles!!!  Squeal, only $8 a box!! Are you kidding!!  I'm keeping an eye out for when they get in some small glass kitchen tiles!

OK, they also had hardware (knobs, pulls, door locks...), hammers, nails, and the like.

Cabinets (tons), doors (all shapes and sizes, gorgeous), shutters (lots, Oh boy did I want some!), paint, I can't even remember it all!  I should've taken more pictures!!

I picked up a stop/yield sign for Bamm-Bamm's Car-themed-bedroom (I'm will be working on it), for only $8!  Score!

They have a return policy!!!  A thrift store with one of those is gold!

Overall rating: A.  I will definitely be going back! Bookmark and Share
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