Thrifting Through Thursdays: a guide to shopping thrift

I picked up an assortment of goodies this week.

I'm reminded that I follow my own "guide" for thrift shopping (you probably have one too if you thrift a lot).
Here's mine:

1a.  Go with specific items in mind
A "shopping list" if you will.  For example, I needed a lid and a candlestick for Wednesday's project, so I went "shopping" for them.  Sometimes I find what I want, sometimes not.

1b.  Plan ahead.
I can spend months looking for something.  It's always in the back (middle) of my mind when I shop, so if I finally spot it - I snap it up!  I spent months looking for this chandelier ($20)!

This week I picked up a paint sprayer (score!), but am still looking for that elusive table saw.  Planning ahead for holidays, birthdays, and projects can save you big $$.

2.  Keep an open mind
If you know how to look (you'll be a pro with some practice), you'll be able to see the potential of certain items.  Usually a coat of paint can do wonders!   I visualize the item painted Heirloom White (Rustoleum) and see if that doesn't do it for me :)

3.  Set a (flexible) "budget"
I usually do this on a per item basis.  You get to know when something is a steal (or not).  Thrift isn't always cheaper.  If it's more than $5, I think about it a little longer than if it's $1.  Some days I leave empty handed; other days I need help out to my car and I've spent $50!

4.  Really look
I've found the best stuff in the dirty automotive section.  Or under a pile of sheets.  Or in the back corner.
Sometimes the clerks just don't know what a jewel they have, and put it somewhere weird.  Other shoppers miss it, but you can be the one to score!  Of course, this depends on whether I am shopping alone, and have the time (or mood) to really look.  Going in with a "treasure hunt" mindset really does wonders for me actually - and it's fun!

5.  Give back
I always try to clean out my closets once in a while and give back to the thrift I support.  The circle is unbroken, and someone can use what I can't anymore.
I'll just leave you with this cute double heart frame I found over the weekend - transformation tomorrow...

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