Delicious-ness: lamps, lampshades and toy labels

1.  Tripod lamp
I'll be honest and say that I've had my eye on this tripod lamp I saw on CasaSugar for a while now (that post is dated... Feb 3,... yep, a while.)

I like her so much (Yes, her.   I thought everyone knew lamps were girls.) I wanna make one myself.  Let's see...  hmmm.... how about Saturday.  Wanna come back here on Saturday and make one?   Great.  It's a date!

2.   Lampshades transformed
That snazzy new lamp is going to need a snazzy lampshade.  I never wanna buy another new lampshade again!  Here's a great tutorial for taking a plain (thrift?) lampshade and making it gorg with fabric, by Just a Girl (she is no ordinary girl to me - she's one of my blog goddesses!)

I also really like this simple fix for glamour and drama!  Just what I could use these days (along with a size 4 figure, please).

from bobbypins boardwalk

For a final wow lampshade transformation glorification, (careful before scrolling to the pic below - you will fall off your chair!)  I really want to do this, I just can't find the perfect shapely little shade.  It has to scream whisper plainly say "delicate femininity" (5 times fast).

This has to be the best tutorial I have seen in a long time.  Can you believe the graphic on this lampshade was put there!  Thanks SO much, Clara and Marcela (Nice and Easy Antiques)!  I'm back on my chair now... here's my own try at a recovered lampshade!

3.  Toy bin labels
Why do toddlers hate picking up their toys?  Why am I drowning in toys?
I really needed I'm an Organizing Junkie's bin labeling how-to!

On the off-chance (very off, I'm realizing) that it's because Bamm-Bamm doesn't know where they go (uh, right, he sure knows where they come from!), I decided to add labels (with words and pictures) to our toy bins.  I've seen a few good ideas, but I've got new tricks up my sleeve too (yep- I'll tell you about it tomorrow when I post about my own toy bin labels)! Bookmark and Share
2 Responses
  1. I just love your blog and all the things you create and show how to do it yourself. My mind is swimming with all this great information. Gueeze
    how fun would it be to be neighbors with you! I could watch, go home create and we would have to coolest houses in the neighborhood! I sure hope your DH appreciates what a jewel you are! A creative wife is a treasure!

  2. LOL Pattyjo!

    When can you move?
    I told my hubby what you said and he just laughed... I figure he knows already :)

    Send me an email! We can chat whenever you want (or if you have any questions!)
    - Christin

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