Thrifting Through Thursdays: apple sign

I promise that one of these weeks my thrift shopping will come up dry.
But right now, with this new blog, I have ideas for tons of upcoming projects, and I'm in the market for more stuff than usual...

1.  Cute sign
It's perfect just the way it is!
So I grabbed a sign that's been in my laundry "area" and hung them both in my kitchen (where I like to have a few pops of red).

2.  Some small picture frames
 These were all in decent shape for an unbeatable price ($0.49-$0.69).  I can't tell you what I'm planning yet, but I hope to have it done for a special post next week.

3.  Metal flower pot
I've got plans for this little pot.  You know the drill by now... transformation tomorrow!

Alright, show us what you've found!  We promise to love it!

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