When I find something cool on the internet (not always from a blog), I bookmark it with Delicious.

I have found some great inspiration this way even if it takes me weeks months to get around to using the idea.  This is the time, Tuesdays, when I will share these found goodies with you.

#1.  Digital Day Counter

This one is going on my shopping list!  We always have a 1/2 container of broth in the fridge that could be "only the cat knows" how old!  (This would work well for pumped milk too.)

#2. Transportation Decoupage Dresser by Heather Cobbs (posted on Design Dazzle)

I want to do this for Bamm-Bamm's up-and-coming "beep-beep" bedroom.  Need to start collecting pictures! Fantastic how-to Heather!

#3.  This Wax Seal set from Ballard Designs (posted by Erica P. on Shelterrific)

I bet I could make something like these myself with some Sculpey clay (well maybe), and some of my scrapbook stamps or toddler's play-doh molds.

#4.  Kristen Sutcliffe @ New House Project has lots of cute ideas (check it out!), but I was especially taken by her Origami Numbers Decor, featured on Bloesem Kids.

This really got the creative juices flowing.  Pretty inexpensive, but packing a lot of punch, I realized you could frame lots of different origami shapes (the whole alphabet if you're super ambitious) and even use pretty scrapbook paper instead of origami paper if you want!

I decided to try this one out, ... and I'm sharing it with you tomorrow. Bookmark and Share
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