Origami Numbers for Nursery

I've been getting the nursery ready for little man #2.
I'll be slowly showing you all the things I've done to this room in a series of "Wainscoted Nursery" posts coming soon.

In particular, I loved these framed Origami Numbers I saw on Bloesem Kids.  Super cute!

So I visited the Origami Club website and picked out 9 pretty scrapbook papers, white on the back (in a predominantly blue and green color scheme).
I cut my papers to 3½" x 3½" and began folding - it wasn't hard at all!

I pressed everything under some heavy books, taped them to some white card stock and framed it - so cute!

You sharped-eyed gals out there will notice I swapped out my original 3, 6, and 8.  I learned that dark/bright/solid colors look best, and busy patterns or stripes did not work as well.  I think I'd like to put this in a bigger frame with a nice mat.

I also think an origami paper crane mobile (or one with different animals!) would go great with this -- maybe Grandpa John wants to make one?

Which origami shapes do you think would look great framed in a kid's room or playroom?

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4 Responses
  1. Hi Christin,
    Super cute! I think the "5" is upside down though (?)
    Will ask Grandpa John what kind of critters and other things he's good at -
    maybe he'll surprise you with something special.

  2. Oops! I think you're right!! LOL! When I move them to a bigger frame I'll make sure to fix that one!

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