Delicious-ness: diy wallpaper decals

Today I'm sharing some inspirations that have me crafting,... and doing more renovations in my master bathroom!

1.  Wall Art from Better Homes and Gardens

This wall looks stunning.  I especially like that it has a coherent color theme.  I think it would look great in Palm Breeze (Behr)  green, in the nursery.  The fact that some of the patterns repeat (but not all) adds even more interest, along with the variety of shapes and materials (glass, wood) used.

2. Make your own wallpaper decals

(Image: Misty Adair)
Go to apartment therapy for detailed instructions. Check out the comments for more great diy tips!!

3.  Ribbon dispenser

This looks like a great way to store a ton of ribbon...

if you don't have any pets or kids!
Then I saw this. 
Ribbons stored in mason jars.  Getting closer...
And then I knew just what to do!  The perfect solution (at least for me), and I'll show it to you all tomorrow! Bookmark and Share
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