Beadboard Master Bath: part 3 (recessed wall niches)

Part1: Beadboard
Part 2: Crown Molding Shelf

If part 1 was a 1 (in difficulty), then part 3 is definitely a 3, because I built recessed wall cubbbies/niches for storing towels and baskets of bath supplies (and it was tough, but fun).

1. Check for pipes/wiring
I was certain there were no pipes in this wall, but there was electrical cabling (these usually run along a stud), so I made my cuts with a space next to the studs (You can always cut more later, but not vice versa).

2. Cut into the drywall
OK. Moment of truth.  My husband, who hates putting nails in the wall, was having conniptions in the next room while I used my drywall saw to cut square rectangles into the wall between the studs.  I made my cubbies 12" tall and as wide as the studs allowed (usually 15").  The first "hole" was far from perfect, but "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful". (I'm the Nester's biggest fan, you know.)  My other cubbies got better and better - yeah practice!  No worries either way; I knew I was going to have to frame them out later.

3. Make wooden boxes
I used 1/4" poplar boards ripped to the depth of the wall niche (~3¾), and cut just a little shorter than the height and width of the hole.  I should've used 1/2" general purpose molding boards, because the 1/4" poplar was too thin to nail together.  I used wood glue instead and it's holding up fine (knock on wood).  I also left the backs open (you could use luan or thin plywood to back).

4. Install boxes
If you measured right, they should come out even with the wall surface, sitting on the cut edge of the drywall.  If not, hold on to 'em so they don't fall into the wall (ha ha, one of  mine almost did).  Then I used finishing nails to nailed them in place. (Should I have used screws? Sturdier, yes, but also harder to hide.  The jury is still out on that one.)  For the box next to the wires, I nailed a 1/2" piece of wood "spacer" next to the wiring, and put my nail through that into stud (so there'd be no gap).

5. Frame it out
I used plain 1/4" poplar again (love that stuff) and cut it to the width of the space between the cubbies.  There were some painstaking careful adjustments to get this just right, but I'd say err on the side of too wide if you must.  Just nail these to the studs.  See how they're even with the top of the cubbies - I also tried really hard to make sure it was all level, because I took a thin piece of chair rail and ran that along the top.

6. Caulk and paint
Lots of caulk (along the back, between the box and shelf, and between the cubby and the frame) and then paint (3 coats).  Then I sat back to enjoy.  Worth the work?  Ummm... heck yes, I love pretty baskets (even if there's TP in them).

Remember the before!?

 Huge improvement!! I think I can finally say This wall is Done.

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  1. OH wow! That is amazing!That is beautiful! I love that! Great job

  2. Just beautiful! Where did you learn to do all of this stuff?!

  3. I LOVE this! As soon as I was done reading it, I turned to my husband and said, "let's do this!" and showed him your page. Now all I have to do is convince him! They turned out SO SO great!

  4. This looks great! I wish I was handy enough to do something like this in my bathroom!

  5. I am planning on adding the bead board to my girls bathroom, but I want to add your shelf thing also!! I love it!!

    I am your newest follower!

  6. This is awesome!!! Now to convince my hubby that we should do this in the kids bathroom. Hmm, maybe I should just do it when he isn't around? ;-)

  7. That's a great look. Not sure hubby would go for it though. Excellent job!

  8. Love it and so does my hubby.... Now trying to convince home to buy some tools instead of paying someone to do it for us.... What's in your toolbox, any recommendations on what tools are a must-have?

  9. Go for it! It's not too hard a project. Back when I did this my toolbox was pretty skimpy. For this I just used a circ saw and hand saw, a miter box and a hammer. I also had a drywall saw. I used a hand plane to plane the shelf. It was sadly powertool lite ;) I'm hoping to repeat on the opposite wall soon, and then I'll take advantage of my table saw, nail gun, and Dremel Multimax!!! Easier maybe, but the hand tools are just as good.

  10. I love this!! I have a big hole in my drywall in my bathroom and decided to fix it by putting in a recessed cabinet or something and in my search found your blog---! I want to do work on this project next week!! Awesome!

  11. Thank you for sharing this! I love it and am really inspired to try it in my kids' bathroom which is pretty narrow. This is a great way to get in a little extra storage without bonking my head on a shelf. I bought a table saw from Lowe's on Black Friday for like $70 for my husband for xmas (ahem, me). I can't wait to break it out and try some projects. I also got a nailer, jig saw, chop saw, a fancy little Rockler multi-purpose saw thing, and a workbench. It was all for him but I'm the only one to use it so far. I am the handier one and more willing to attempt DIY-ing first. :-)

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