Baby Pics

Here are some pics of Little Man (and his big brother Bamm-Bamm)!

There's more to come...

I can't help it :)  This was my best DIY project (with hubby's help) ever!!!!
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Little Man McCool

Born April 20, 2010 at 4:52 PM  (only 12 days early)
7 lb. 11 oz.
20.7 inches long

He came home today.

Mom and baby boy are doing well... Sorry I won't be able to respond to comments :)  Thanks for all the well-wishes!!!!

He's a cutie with a dimple in each cheek and LOTS of dark hair.
Pictures coming soon!

P.S.  I'll be keeping the Pregnant... with power tools blog name (even though I'm not pregnant anymore - yeah!!)

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It's Time!

Sorry, Christin can't come to the blog right now...

she's havin' a baby!

I am soooo sorry - I wanted to have a bunch of posts written up ahead of time for this... but I guess I ran out of time.

You are all great! And I can't wait to get back to blogging, and let you know how labor went... and all the deets on our new family member! Bookmark and Share

Delicious-ness: So Hard to Pick

It's so hard to pick just some great projects for this week's Delicious-ness.

What's worse - I won't have time to do all of them (at least this week)...!  Boo- hoo!

Still... these gals have got talent, and ideas, and class!  Love it all!

1.  Thrifty Decor Chick's "built-in" molding framed art!  Oh my cat!  This is gorgEous!

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(Power) Tools

Yep, I'm such a nerd!  I spend the morning making this pretty new "cool tools" button!

It's for my new series!!! on tools!  How can Pregnant... with power tools not talk about tools?

Every Monday, I will write a new post about a tool (not necessarily a power tool, but those are my fav :)
Part tutorial, part review, all fun and useful information!

Since tools are used for doing stuff... I've written a page that will be used to organize and group these posts according to the tool's purpose (sanding, cutting, etc.)  This page will be an excellent starting point for many a DIY project (I hope :) You can find this page titled "(Power) Tools" on my tab menu (just below the blog title)!

Hope you love the new series!!!! Bookmark and Share

Wainscoted Nursery: Shaker Pegs

Installing shaker pegs along the top rail of my nursery’s wainscoting was a great idea and a quick and easy job.

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Nursery Bedding: Crib Bumper

Oooohhh… this was a tough project… but don’t let that stop you from making your own!  It got easier with practice!

It’s a vertical split crib bumper – the fabric panels sit next to each other.  Brown strips line up with the tie locations.


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Fabric covered thumbtacks

My new cork-board looks Bee-utiful, but I'm hating on those thumb tacks!

Solution - fabric covered thumbtacks!

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Thrifting Through Thursdays: Habitat for Humanity ReStore

I recently had the pleasure of shopping for the first time at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (in Oakland, CA).

This place was described to me as a "housewares/hardware meets thrift" store... whatever that means.

It was so cool!  I would describe them as a hit-and-miss (you never know exactly what you may find) hardware store that's strong on the doors/cabs, and has great prices!

First Second thing I saw after entering were these HUGE entry doors (what, maybe 12 ' tall!).

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My Pretty Corkboard

We've had a pretty wet spring (for Northern California), and it makes me want to add more blue to my workspace. (The color will liven it up sure, but why blue - specifically aqua and turquoise?).  Maybe it just says summer.  It's also calming and very pretty (in a not pink way).

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Delicious-ness: Pretty Corkboards

Oh, I'm being overrun by boys!!

My craft/computer space is gonna need to be extra girly to balance it all out!

Could be I need an extra cute corkboard!

Here are some of the cutest!
1. So Lovely Creations fabric covered corkboard

(Gorg!)  Super tutorial!  So Lovely Creations is the go-to gal (goddess) for this!

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I know many of you were surprised to wake up this morning and not find an issue of Pregnant... With Power Tools in your reader  (OK, at least 1 of you was surprised!)

I am running out of post material since my bigger belly has started getting in the way of big projects.
I do have hopes (and dreams) of doing these again soon (but I also remember that those first weeks of a new baby leave room for nothing else).

So I thought I'd take Mondays for a series about tools (power and other)!

The question at this point (OK, 2 questions) are:
  1. Would this be useful?  There are already a lot of How-Tos and reviews on the web... I need to think about what I can contribute!  I believe these could be a mix of great links to existing material, personal experience, tips and tricks, smart shortcuts, etc  If there's one thing I'm good at it's research!

  2. Which would you prefer?  A different tool each week (orbital sander, dremel, circular saw, paint sprayer...) or different diy activities (sanding, painting, cutting) covering some of the tools used for that task.  For example, sanding can be done with a dremel, sanding block or orbital sander - the tool depends on the type of sanding you need to do.  

These last type of post would be pretty hefty, more so than those covering a single tool, and maybe a good compromise is to create groups of posts around these activities!

Please let me know what you think in the comments or vote on the poll on my sidebar!  I'm excited about this, and I think it could be educational for us all! Bookmark and Share

Wainscoted Nursery: part 4?

So do any of you remember my wainscoted (board 'n batten) nursery?

Looks like I'm running out of time to get it ready!  I'm in the "latent phase of labor" already!  That's the polite bloggy way to say the baby lightened over a week ago and as of last Monday I was already a few cm dilated...  Second baby, so who knows, but yes... he may be early!

My inspiration photo for the nursery was a little different than what I did, however, one of the things I liked were the little shaker pegs along the wall.  See 'em?  Those little peg hanger thingys along the wall (right under the picture ledge)?

Bos Custom Cabinetry

They look like this

What do you think?  I don't (can't) have them all over, but maybe a few in "good" locations.

I can see hanging cute/useful stuff on
  • tomorrow's outfit for baby
  • my camera/video recorder
  • blankie or robe
Tell me - should I do it!?
What would you hang from them? Bookmark and Share

Refinished Dresser/Changing Table

So I finally finished refinishing the changing table for the nursery!

Like the rest of the furniture, it's painted in Rustoleum's Kona Brown, a nice warm dark brown that looks great with the soft green color (Behr Palm Breeze) that I used on the walls.

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Nursery Bedding: Crib Skirt with Inverted Box Pleats

I made a crib skirt with inverted box pleats in a contrasting color!

 As the second sewing project for the nursery, this was a little harder than the panel curtains I made.

I also only made a partial skirt – just for those parts of the crib that are seen.

Here’s a brief tutorial:

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Thrifting Through Thursdays: The Best Deals

A friend who doesn’t shop thrift very often asked me recently “What are the best buys at the thrift store”?

This question really has two answers, and it depends on what kind of thrift shopper you are.

Those who Shop Thrift Once in a While

The best deals are from items that tend to have a high retail price.
Chandeliers, high end clothes, expensive home goods and sports equipment, furniture.
These items cost >$50 at the mall, but can often be had for 10-20% of that price at the thrift store.
In comparison, extension cords, dishes, books, and basic housewares may only be a dollar or two less than what they cost at Walmart (or Big Lots).

Still a deal?  I say so, but it I’m one of

Those who Frequently Shop Thrift

If you can (and like) to hit the local thrift a few times a month, you can make your dollar stretch in multiple ways.

1)  Cheap(er) basics that are easy to find at the thrift.  Extension cords, dishes, kitchenware, books, candles, picture frames, clothes, and toddler and baby clothes (they outgrow ‘em so fast that these are often in great shape.)

2)  Harder to find (at the thrift store) basics.  It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I find Diaper Genie refills ($2), sandpaper, office and cleaning supplies, and even new-in-box baby bottle nipples.
Picture 003 This week’s haul: a mix of easy and hard to find “basic” items

3)    Harder to find big ticket items.   That perfect chandelier –or antique school desk-  you’ve been keeping an eye out for months for, high-end designer clothes and jewelry, valuable collectibles, and fancee appliances.  (Personally, I’ve found that gorg chandelier, an automatic soap dispenser, designer silk dress, and even a paint sprayer. )

I’m still looking for a table miter saw… Bookmark and Share

Nursery Bedding: Curtains

First thing to do: make curtains

They are also the easiest thing to make (you don't even have to sew if you don't want!!  See: The Nester's "Window Mis-treatments" for GREAT ideas!)

I also want my thrift store valance to tie in a little with the fabrics I bought at Joann's.

1.  Add a layer of brown to the bottom of the valance
This wasn't so hard (for a first project).
Not easy, but not super hard either!
a.  Sew a long strip of brown fabric, hemmed at sides, top and bottom

b.  Sew onto valance
under the ruffle (but not all the way through to the front - the toile covers the seams for the striped fabric and the brown)  This is hard to describe. but nonetheless there was a place to sew on the brown without the seam being seen from the front.

 This thrift store valance is pretty nice - lined and everything!

That was easy!

Think I can sew a pair of plain 'ol panel curtains too?

2.  Plain 'ol panel curtains

There's lots of plans on the nets for panel curtains too, so you don have to use mine :)

  • sewing machine (borrowed from MOM)
  • thread
  • tape measure
  • iron and ironing board
  • 2 pieces fabric cut to length and width of desired curtain (plus 8 inches for seams and curtain rod pocket - I used *very* wide seams since this was my first sewing project since I was 15!)
  ** Always wash and iron fabric before sewing (this prevents shrinkage later on and helps seams lie flat)

Basic seams along sides and bottom
a.  Fold fabric over an inch and then another inch.  Iron flat and pin.
b.  Sew along the fold ½ inch from the edge.  Iron again if you want.

Curtain rod pocket
a.  Fold top an inch and then another inch.  Iron.
b.  Fold top down 3 more inches. Iron and pin.
c.  Sew along bottom of fold, ½ inch from edge.
d.  Sew along top of fold, 1 inch from top.

OK!  Great first project.  Definitely got my feet wet!

I also added a thin strip of brown fabric along the bottom.
I just cut, folded, and sewed seams for the brown fabric.
Then I placed the two pieces together (fronts facing each other) and sewed them together above the original seams!

It looks even better in real life!

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Delicious-ness: Nursery Bedding

Who doesn't spend hours on the internets drooling over nursery bedding?

What?  You don't.  Why not!

It's only yummy enough to eat.

I've been looking for the perfect soft green toile nursery bedding to go with the cute curtains I got at the thrift store... no I do not have the patience to wait and find more thrift store bedding... for a crib... in that color... in toile.  It just won't happen.  Aaaand I'm due in 4 weeks!

So I hunted for inspiration on the world wide web.

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Preparing to Build a Laundry Sorter

My sister just got married and bought a house a little bit ago… 
I’m excited for her and we decided to work together to build a custom laundry sorter for her master bedroom.

First stop… Knock Off Wood.

Then my sister, who like me can’t help herself, redesigned the plans like crazy!

Second stop… Home Depot for a ton of MDF and hardware.
When you look like this

you can get a lot of free cuts!  (My shirt was pulled down in the store, of course!)

All our MDF was cut (almost exactly) according to the cutting guide we drew up.
I can’t wait to show you as we build this thing! Bookmark and Share

Knobs as Wall Hangers

** Happy Easter!!  I hope you are enjoying it with Family like I am! **

I like to buy knobs whenever I see them at the thrift store.

Right now I have a dozen wooden knobs ($1.99), some antique white porcelain ones, and some cool silver colored retro looking ones. I know... I need to buy more!!  All for $1-$2 per 6 knobs (beats spending a dollar or 2 per knob at the hardware store!)

I know I'll use them for refinishing furniture, furniture I've built (OK, will build - getting ahead of myself here), or other projects...

Like this one... you can use cabinet or dresser knobs as wall hangers!

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IntenseDebate and CommentLuv

I want all of you to know how much I appreciate your comments!

I like to respond to everyone, but it isn't always easy!
Too often the email reply is set to "no-reply@blogspot..." or I have to hop around a bit to find your blog! So Sorry if I haven't responded to you - I tried!!

When you take the time to visit my blog and you care enough to leave me feedback, I want to connect with you too! I especially like visiting your blogs... you are such a talented group!

So I've just installed CommentLuv!! I really like this new comment system!

When you leave me a comment, you have the option of leaving a link to your blog's latest post!!! Like minded readers (AND me!) can stop by and check it out!!!
How cool is that!!!!!

Please PLEASE leave your blog addy in your next comment... I cannot wait to visit! Bookmark and Share

Making Your Own Fabric "Ribbon"

I'm using a dark brown fabric to add some dramatic contrast to my green toile nursery bedding.  I even added a strip of it to my thrift store valance.

I want to make my own ribbons to hang my canvas nursery letters!
There might be a better way to do this (I can only call them "ribbons" in good conscience), but I am only a novice sewer... ewww... ummm... seamstress!
I figured the easiest DIY ribbon would simply be a wider version of a fabric tie (like the kind made for chair pads).

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I'm joining in New Friend Friday@The Girl Creative for the first time!
Welcome new friends - you are all enjoyed and appreciated!

If you leave a comment and feel up to sharing...
Let me know:

1 Thing You would like to see in "Blogland"

A specific tutorial?
Better manners?
More comments, responses to comments, feedback?
Better pictures, more pictures?

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Nursery Letters on Canvas

I've been picking up artist's canvases at the thrift store when I see them.
I think they'll make the perfect backdrop for my wooden nursery letters.

I also have some fabric I'm making nursery bedding with (coming soon).

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Thrifting Through Thursdays: Artist's Canvases

Good finds are still abundant at the local thrift store.  I did well again this week.  That super-cute airplane was only $1.99.

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