Wainscoted Nursery: part 3 (Land of Nod bankable bookcase)

I'd like to introduce you to Ana @ Knock Off Wood. A website that has literally changed my life.

This is one amazing blog Goddess.  She builds her own furniture, beautiful furniture.  But mostly she designs and shares furniture plans with everyone on the web!  How generous is that!?  She's got Williams-Sonoma, Inc. (Pottery Barn) freaking out.  It is too wonderful.  Oh, and she's gorgeous.  Can you tell I have a crush?

image courtesy of Land of Nod

The Land of Nod bankable bookcase (and just about everything else) really "clicked" with me when I saw it on Ana's site.  Shapely, cheap, and with storage bin on the bottom... it's perfect for little man #2's wainscoted nursery.  So I went to Home Depot (because it's like 2 blocks from my house).

I got some MDF and ½" plywood.  The nice lumber guy cut it for me and even loaded it into my car (benefits of being hugely pregnant?)  Unlike most guys at the hardware store, he never questioned my sanity.  I think we will become good friends :)

At home, I made a few more cuts and I swear by my handy cutting guide (a must if you use a circular saw).
This baby lets you get clean straight cuts with much less hassle.  See my previous post for more info on how to make your own.

I also used my jigsaw to get the curvy sides for this bookcase.  I drew the curves on, made as close a cut as possible, and then sanded down to the drawn line for accurate gorgeousness (that's just the way I am :)

I attached the shelves (except the bottom one) with screws into the 1x2 supports.  All the screws in this piece were placed after drilling pilot holes with a #8 countersink drill bit.  This recesses the screw so it's easier to hide under wood putty and paint.

The whole bookcase was painted with a gray primer, and then in Kona Brown (Rustoleum).  Bamm-Bamm had to paint too, what a good helper!

The back of the bookcase is a piece of ½" plywood covered in beadboard wallpaper.

Gorgeous!  Thanks Ana!  Ummm... will you be my best friend?

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13 Responses

  1. Gorgeous bookcase. I need some of your skills. I really like what the beadboard wallpaper adds to it.

  2. We're not related!! First of all, you can hack HTML and XML code like you're reading english. You can circular saw your own furniture and you have a neuroscience PhD. Nope. Definitely not your sister.

  3. Yowza! That's a hard-core DIY project! Power tools and everything. I'm way impressed.

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. oh man i love that, looks so pottery barn. I came because of your blog title, I'll stay because I'm pregnant and got my first set of power tools (my hubby's 2nds) and don't know how to use them :)

    If I stay long enough I'm sure I'll learn a thing or two. I've got a baby due fairly soon too and a new house that needs some serious DIY.

    Christy www.Home-Mom.com

  5. Beautiful! Your handy cutting guide link isn't working. Can you post the link? I'm interested in seeing it. Also, were they able to cut all the dimensions you needed for the most part? What kind of saw did you use? Thanks!

  6. http://pregnantpower.blogspot.com/2010/03/plywood-cutting-guide.html
    Sorry about that and thanks for letting me know Kara! I've fixed the post too.
    I tried to reply to you but your profile is hidden.

    I only asked them to do the main cuts, I did the rest at home with my circular saw... and the jigsaw on the curves too. I have had many (many) cuts made at HD though (especially when I was really pregnant.) They are not always accurate. Now I do all my own cuts on my new table saw and that is working out best - very accurate, but I need help moving the sheets. I think they weigh 40 lbs.
    Do you plan on building some of your own furniture...? I'm not the best source for plans (there's the Design Confidential and Knock-Off Wood are both full of great plans). I can help you with the power tools if you want. It's not hard to do, especially if the store cuts the lumber for you!

  7. Hi Christin, I emailed you from your link so hopefully you got my email. Can you also tell me where you got your work table that you are demonstrating the cutting guide and the circular saw use? Where did you get it, how much and what size is it? Thanks! If you bought it used, can you tell what brand it is and what size it is at the least? Thank you for offering with tool help! I could really use it!! :-)

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