Thrifting Through Thursdays: birdcage

Did I find a ton of cool stuff at the thrift store this week!  I'll share my favs!

This clock is so my style - I love it, and it was only $3.00.  I need to find a good place for it!

I also picked up this automatic soap dispenser ($1.99).  In my house, my husband cooks (he makes chef-quality grub - all gluten-free 'cause of  my wheat allergy)!  I know... I'm lucky :)
When working with raw meat, he hates contaminating the soap just to decontaminate his hands. (It's a vicious cycle).  Did I tell you he's also a chemical engineer?  Yep, he runs his kitchen like a science lab (anyone else a fan of Alton Brown?)  I took a risk that it wouldn't work - but it does!  I'll bet he loves it!

Got a crib sheet for the nursery (in the perfect color!)
I also had to pick up a birdcage.  I really like birdcages.  I'll show you the transformation tomorrow.  Here's a hint of what it looked like before.
 It's the removable bottom of the birdcage!

Go ahead... share your fav thrift finds!

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