What You've Been Waiting For

The Pottery Barn Armillary KnockOff guest post for Someday Crafts received a lot of interest.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments!

I love my armillary and proudly display it.  However, I would also like an armillary that is metal and able to withstand any outdoor weather as Pottery Barn's armillary can.

So I started working on it as a gift for my mom (which won't be a surprise, because I can't keep a secret!)  I'm working on the tutorial for you all and will be posting this new Pottery Barn KnockOff Armillary on Sunday Night - so stay tuned!

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Why We Call Him Bamm-Bamm

My older boy has many cute nicknames.
Tiger Boy, Pumpkin, Pig, Bubby, Squiggle and many more.

But our favorite nickname for him is Bamm-Bamm (like from the Flintstones).

And we have good reason to call him that! If a picture is worth a thousand words, these photos ought to explain.

Unless he's like this

or this

Bamm-Bamm is an active, loud, lovable little handful!

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Cool Tools: Dremel (Cutting)

Last week we talked about how to use a Dremel to sand.

This week we’ll discuss using the Dremel to cut, and that includes as an engraver and router.  There are new specialty tools like the Stylus and the MultiMax that also cut.

Rotary Dremel (~$50-$100)

I use my Dremel with a cutting wheel to cut bolts, tile, acrylic sheet, metal rods, and  more.  I would like to start using it for engraving and etching too.

There is a very useful video on the web on using a Dremel to cut freehand circles in metal!  You can also use a circle cutter like the one below.

The speed you use to cut depends on the material you are cutting: cut hardwood with the fastest speed, metals a little slower and plastic with the slowest.

There are a number of cutting attachments for the rotary Dremel device. The bits for the Dremel have the standard 1/8” shank.   Here are the ones I know of :

Circle Cutter and Straight Edge Guide. 

Attach to a plain ‘ol Dremel and cut perfect circles up to 12” across.  The straight edge helps cutting or routing in a straight line.


Cut Off Wheels

These are the  most common cutting material, and can come as a fiberglass reinforced variety to last even longer.  For cutting metal, woods, and ceramics.
   Cut bolts and make slots in screw heads.


Cross Cut Blade
is good for precision cutting woods.  

This blade is especially good for cutting laminates and wood flooring material during installation.   Use with the mini saw attachment.


The Specialty Cutting Wheels

The metal wheel cuts all sorts of metals.  There’s one that’ll cut plastic (yay!) and the diamond cutting wheel cuts tile, concrete, stone, and ceramic.   The EZ Lock setup makes it fast to attach. 


For shaping, hollowing, and cutting grooves in all sorts of materials from wood to metal.


Router Bits
for routing (you’ll need a Dremel Router Table Attachment).  
For putting beautiful edges on wood!


Multipurpose Cutting Kit

For cutting drywall, cabinets and vinyl siding among other “hole-in-the-wall” projects.

Best used for:

  • cutting just about anything!
  • cutting in tight spaces
  • cutting Plexiglass or acrylic sheets. 
  • I started cutting the plexiglass for Bamm-Bamm’s windshield with a saw and it started cracking like crazy.  Switched to a Dremel with a cutting wheel and it worked like a charm!!!
  • routing 
  • engraving
  • grout removal
  • glass etching

How-tos and Tips

  • How-to cut steel using a Dremel
  • Using a Dremel to cut circles in metal
  • Cutting plexiglass  (but I would just use a specialty cutting wheel for plastic not a high speed cutter)
  • Always let the blade or wheel do the work.  There’s  no need to force the cutting; that will only wear the bit out faster.   If the wheel is “bogging down” then the speed is not fast enough.
  • Do not slide the bit all the way in to the collet (chuck or collar).  After loosening the collet to change bits, you can push the bit down to help loosen it.  If you don’t do this, the bit can get stuck (this has happened to me too many times). 

Oscillating Dremel (Multi-Max) for Cutting (~$100)

This tool is awesome for it’s flush cutting capabilities alone.

It’s also more precise, creates less dust, and because it oscillates instead of rotates, it’s safer too.

Best used for:
  • cutting drywall
  • flush cutting!! (installing flooring and trim, sawing off water pipes)

  • heats up (probably because guys with big hands are covering a vent hole)
  • the deepest cuts are only 1 ¼”

Dremel Stylus(~$70)

Because of its unique pistol grip, the Dremel Stylus offers a different type of rotary tool for crafters.  It does everything that the standard Dremel does (slightly less powerfully): sanding, cutting, polishing, and engraving.  

The “new” thing the Stylus brings is precision. This tool is easier to hold (like a pencil), has a variety of grip positions, and is more balanced.  It is cordless too. 

For engraving just about anything or etching glass this would be the tool I’d want…
Best used for:
  • etching glass (COOL how-to!)
  • engraving
  • any detailed precision work (cutting, sanding, polishing) 

  • Not strong enough for “brute force” jobs

By the way, ALWAYS use eye protection!  There are too many folks on the internet talking about how they got a chunk of metal in their eye (no really)!  That being said, with the right protective gear (goggles, gloves…) don’t be afraid to cut with a Dremel – I love using my Dremel to cut just about anything!

Again I feel like I could still write a few more pages about these tools.  Do you use one?  Like it?  What projects have you done? 
(BTW, I have no connection to nor was I paid by Dremel for this content.)

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I'm at The Design Confidential today!

Your Blogger Has Been Confiscated!

But only temporarily...not to worry!  I will return her in one piece, safe and sound in just a bit.  For now you can find her over at my site sharing a fabulous Guest Post with my readers.  I hope you will visit her and say a little hello.  She will want to know that you are well cared for while She is gone...

Click on the banner below to see what She's up to!  Xx Rayan - The Design Confidential


Here's a sneak peak friends!
See that gorgeous lamp... yup that's it!!  Now head on over!!

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Nope. Please disregard... I'm at the Design Confidential tomorrow. Darn lack of sleep... it is Friday today right?

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House Tour, part 1

I’m a little nervous showing you my house, especially since I’ve seen some magazine-worthy homes among my bloggy friends!

I know I am not much of a house cleaner, and my taste, ummm… well my house is not magazine worthy, but it is home.  and I love it.  I hope you like it too.

We bought this home, our first, in November of 2008 (wow, time flies)! 

The Master Suite and attached Nursery are my absolute favorite rooms in the house, where I spend the most time, and have spent the most time fixing up!

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

We haven’t done too many renovation projects, but the master bath has seen the most changes.  I love the look in here.


I still have so many things on my to do list for these rooms!

Here’s just a few:
  • replace bath lights (I do not like those Miss Piggy lights)
  • niches and beadboard for the medicine cabinet side of the bathroom
  • new dressers

That’s a good start.   I’ll post more; I just don’t want to bore you with a super long post :)  (and this gives me some time to clean)

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Master Bedroom: Easy Canopy Bed

I love canopy beds about as much as I love high ceilings... so I really love them.
Don't love the price though, and what if I change my mind and decide it looks too big for my small bedroom?

So I made a canopy for my bed that is both cheap and can be changed or removed whenever I want.

I hung curtain rods from my ceiling!

This can be done a bunch of different ways... a single rod at the foot of the bed, parallel rods at the sides, or rods going all the way around or 3/4 of the way around...

I hung rods 3/4 of the way around the bed.

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Cool Tools: Dremel (Sanding)

The Dremel brand is so cool.

Why?  Well, first you can buy 100s of different bits for the basic rotary Dremel.  It polishes, grinds, sands, cuts, routers, engraves, and more.  And now they’ve started branching out into specialty tools like the stylus and the contour sander.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s first talk about sanding with the Dremel’s basic rotary tool.

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Be There or Be Sphere

That's a hint!  I think it's very fitting that for my 100th post I am sending you, dear reader, to Michelle's awesome blog Someday Crafts!

I have spent days brainstorming, planning, and creating and have come up with a project and guest post worthy of her blog!!  I'm real excited about this one folks!   So go over there and show her some love...
... be there or be sphere :)   Heehee, I slay me!

Go To Someday Crafts for this tutorial and my guest post!
I'm linking this up with The CSI Project!
Visit thecsiproject.com

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