Thrifting Through Thursdays

Did you know the word thrift comes from the Old Norse for success or thrive?  It used to mean prosperity!  Ah, how times change.

Hi! It's Thrifting Through Thursdays. 
Every Thursday I'm going to show you the best of what I've found at my local thrift stores.  No, I don't just shop thrift stores on Thursdays - in fact, I'd go everyday if I could! 
It's actually quite the addiction, and even though it's more frugal than shopping retail, it can sometimes come into conflict with "keeping a budget" and "reducing clutter in my house".  Pshaw! who wants to do those things all the time anyway?!

Since I've been so busy with my brand spanking new blog, I have only a few great finds for you this week.

4 like new puzzles (that wood one on the end was still in it's wrapper!) for Bamm-Bamm.

We are planning a big family trip in March that will involve more sleeping bags than we have... so I found this one at the thrift in mint condition (these bags sell retail for no less than $50).  At the thrift store it was a less hefty $10, but I had a $5 off coupon this week - so score!!!

Finally, I got this dartboard cabinet for  $15 - but it's solid wood!  Come back tomorrow and see what I did with this diamond in the rough!!

Finally, I'm going to host a MckLinky party on these days! (Even if it takes a few weeks months years to catch on.)  I'll read all these posts, so I may become a follower of your blog, or even highlight some of the best "finds" here!
Can't wait to see what you've found!
P.S. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area - tell me where you shop thrift!

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