Beadboard Master Bath: part 2 (crown molding shelf and hooks)

I don't mind towel bars, but when a small bath is used by 3 people (soon 4), they just don't provide enough space for towels.

Introduce the hook.

They come in lots of finishes, shapes, and styles; I love them.  So I installed a row of hooks along the molding on top of my new beadboard wall.  Instant bling and lots of places to hang towels.

Now I want a place for some pretty apothecary jars with Q-tips, cotton balls, or whatever... up high enough to be safe from little hands.So I built my own crown molding shelf to top off the wall.

1. Cut crown molding (and 1x4 for the shelf)
I didn't need to figure out any corners (I've had to learn how to miter and cope corners more recently though).  If you are using molding for the ends, you'll want 45° cuts and mitered corners.  I just made straight (90°) cuts to my molding to fit the length of the wall, with a small piece cut out of the right side to fit around the door frame molding.

2. Get your angles right
Here's where it gets more complicated.  I need to fit the shelf to the molding.  I didn't take pics (who knew I'd blog about this 2 months later?)  So I'll do what I can with this piece of scrap I have left over.  See how the molding is angled 45° from the wall, but then also forms an angle with the 1x4 I used for the shelf top?  I want the 1x4 to fit behind the top lip of the crown molding, but the front of the shelf is flat and the molding is angled...

Not possessing a table saw (but I'll take one if you're giving one away...), I used a hand plane (love this tool for shaving down a "just a little too wide/long/thick" piece of wood or smoothing a rough one) to impart an angle to the edge of the 1x4.  Yes, it took an hour, but it was a very nice fit afterward.

3. Nail everything to stud (or a furring strip)
A 1x2 furring strip screwed into the studs provided a sturdy support to nail the back of my 1x4 shelf to, and then the crown molding was nailed to the 1x4 (top) and the studs (bottom) with finishing nails.

Finally, I cut a little triangle of wood to fill the space on the left side of the shelf.  (I guess I could have used a mitered joint, but I would still have had to cut part of it to fit around the edge of the shower insert.)  I like this better - nice and smooth.

4. Caulk and paint
I caulked any gaps (small ones between the molding and shelf and wall) and painted it all a nice bright white. A mold-resistant, scrubbable paint that spilled shampoo, hair gel and even toddlers would have to work hard to mess up.

I like it.  Nope, I love it!  But it's just not enough... I need more storage.  Stay tuned...

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163 Responses
  1. WOW! I love hooks for towels too and this is fabulous! Great tips too! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome project in the DIY Project Parade! I can't wait to see what else you're up to! :)


  2. I am currently working on a project very simular to this, yours looks great!!!

  3. This project is fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing. And remember, when I copy it, that copying is the purest form of flattery! ;>
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  4. This is EXACTLY what I picture in my bathroom! Want to come install it for me? :)

  5. Welcome to blogland Ellie!!! I see you have a BRAND NEW blog - how fun (and exciting)! Can't wait to see what you do!

    - Christin

  6. I'm a little late seeing this but WOW! Holy Wow! I love it! I just started to put beadboard in my bathroom but then found mold behind the shower, long story that involves me cutting a giant hole in the drywall and then crying for three hours.. Anyway, I think for the wall behind my bathroom door, and between the shower (I think similar to yours) I will do the same thing. Tell me, if you ever find this comment, how well does your door open now? It seems like there isn't enough space for everything you've added. Don't get me wrong, I'm still doing it but I'll probably have to scale things back a bit.

  7. Hi Jane!
    Of course I got your comment - I read every comment I get. I couldn't find your email address on your profile or blog, so here's my answer...
    My door opens all the way - no problem. I actually measured the crown molding before making the shelf so I knew it would fit. The shelf sticks out 3.75 inches. That covers the bit of wall next to the door, the door molding and the hinge. The hinge is actually odd (still like when we in), it's not flush with the frame, but sticks out a bit. When the door is open it is another 1/2 inch away from the wall because of the funny hinge. Maybe I'll take a picture for you. Email me at pregnantpower(at)gmail(dot)com and I can show you.

    I also hope you'll share your bathroom remodel when you are done - sounds like a lot of work!

  8. Great tutorial. I love this idea. I found your blog through Remodelaholic, and I'm your newest follower :)

  9. I really like your recessed cubbies. Great job! Now I'm you newest follower.

  10. I just posted a comment on the DIY showcase and I just want you to know you solved a mighty problem I was having with my upstairs bathroom!!!!!!!!Brilliant. I love power tools and I have made all the cabinets for my kitchen, that I will be posting after christmas!! I love it. You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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  14. Do you have a picture of the second part of step three (the small piece of wood @ shower end)? I love this Maybe I can tackle this and shock my DSH.

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