Toy Bin Labels

I dream of a day when Bamm-Bamm picks up and puts away his toys!

I also know that this is only something he will learn if I teach him.  It also helps to have a place for everything. 
Labels are an important part of this, and words combined with pictures can help even a young child learn to use the toy storage.

It's actually really easy to create useful toy bin labels.

1. Create the label
There are many sites offering free printable toy labels (
These look gorgeous, but I wanted to make my own categories, so I searched through Google Images for simple generic graphics of cars, balls, blocks, along with some specific toys we happen to have.  I used a word processing program to create 4" x 2½" groups of pics with text.

2.  Print and "laminate"
Print (that was easy).  Looks even better if you can print color!
Laminate (Ummm).  I don't know about you, but I don't own a laminating machine.  And I don't need one for this project!
I just need 4 pieces of packing tape for each label (2 front; 2 back).  Place the tapes so they overlap and also extend past the edge of the paper, so the front and back stick together.  This is really important and keeps the label "sealed".  If it's not even, go ahead and trim the edges (just leave a little tape outside the label).  Works great!

3.  Attach to bin
My first label went on with Velcro (sounds great, right?).  But Bamm-Bamm tore it off within 5 minutes.  I tried making this work for 2 days and then moved on to plan B.  Brads.  From my scrapbooking supply.  This works best or fabric or canvas bins.  Just cut small slits on either side of your label and press the brad through into the bin fabric.  Attach.

Looks great, works even better!

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1 Response
  1. The brads are a great idea. I was trying to figure out how to attach the labels without more of a mess. Thanks!

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