Beadboard Master Bath: part 2 (crown molding shelf and hooks)

I don't mind towel bars, but when a small bath is used by 3 people (soon 4), they just don't provide enough space for towels.

Introduce the hook.

They come in lots of finishes, shapes, and styles; I love them.  So I installed a row of hooks along the molding on top of my new beadboard wall.  Instant bling and lots of places to hang towels.

Now I want a place for some pretty apothecary jars with Q-tips, cotton balls, or whatever... up high enough to be safe from little hands.So I built my own crown molding shelf to top off the wall.

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Beadboard Master Bath: part 1

My husband and I bought our first house near the end of 2008, and then I started working 60 hours a week living in my office writing finishing my dissertation.

One of the first things I did when I got a life again was add some oomph and storage! to our tiny master bath.  This was NewYear's weekend of 2009/2010.  I was "only" 24 weeks pregnant.  It was my first ever home improvement project .  I did it all by myself and I am really proud of how it turned out!

Yeah, the before picture looks pretty dull, right?  I took down the single towel bar before standing in the tub to take this picture.  There's Bamm-Bamm looking cute!

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About Me

I've been so stinkin' excited about starting my own blog, I haven't been able to sleep the last few nights.

I have a PhD in Neuroscience, and am now a SAHM expecting boy #2 in 9 weeks.  I'm a lot like many of the bloggers I worship follow, who used to be teachers, graphic designers, or journalists before becoming SAHMs or small business owners (and in many cases diy blog goddesses ). I have been religiously following some amazingly talented ladies these last few months.  I have been so inspired by what I've read, and I hope that maybe I can inspire others also.

This will definitely be a "I did it without my husband" kind of DIY blog.  Don't get me wrong.  My husband is gorgeous wonderful, and would probably help if I asked him.  But after spending the day with a toddler, having my supportive husband take care of Bamm-Bamm so I can install beadboard in the bathroom is actually what I prefer.

This blog will mostly reflect those areas I am most passionate about... home decor, design, DIY, thrift store shopping, and frugal living.  I hope every once in a while to be able to contribute something original and valuable to this online community I have grown addicted to to love.

Will having a newborn in May stop me? No.  Will it slow me down?  Ummm.... maybe - we'll see!  I can't imagine not doing what I love - creating something special and working with my hands.  The dishes can wait - I wanna build a bookcase! Bookmark and Share
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