Beadboard Master Bath: part 1

My husband and I bought our first house near the end of 2008, and then I started working 60 hours a week living in my office writing finishing my dissertation.

One of the first things I did when I got a life again was add some oomph and storage! to our tiny master bath.  This was NewYear's weekend of 2009/2010.  I was "only" 24 weeks pregnant.  It was my first ever home improvement project .  I did it all by myself and I am really proud of how it turned out!

Yeah, the before picture looks pretty dull, right?  I took down the single towel bar before standing in the tub to take this picture.  There's Bamm-Bamm looking cute!

Installing beadboard is super easy (as long as it's not behind the toilet).  And you have a lot of choices.  I wanted mine to go high on the wall, but I hadn't found the 4x8 sheets of it at Home Depot yet.  So I bought the tongue and groove panels (8' tall, 21" wide, 3/pack).  Because this is a bathroom, and humid, I primed the backside of the beadboard beforehand.  Now you can also buy awesome cool beadboard wallpaper ( check it out!

I didn't want to glue this stuff straight to the wall (what if I change my mind one day!).  So I screwed some thin (1/4") narrow poplar boards to my studs.

I glued my boards to that (I used liquid nails for paneling) and at the top and bottom where I was putting molding I also used long finishing nails.  I don't know how you would nail into the "tongue" of the board (like they suggest on the package) and still get the "groove" to fit!  Whatev... I just nailed into the very top and bottom of the board (the molding will cover them up).  Then I replaced the baseboard and added some (pretty) baseboard upside down to the top (pics in the next post!).

That was the easy part.  Stay tuned... it gets better! Bookmark and Share
3 Responses
  1. HOLY MOSES! I'm so pickin' impressed with you, missy! :D I am adding you to my favie blogs in my bookmarks along with "Cake Wrecks" and "Faking It: Confessions of a Make Believe Mormon". Don't ask me how your blog is going to fit into this... I likes what I likes! [Shrugs]

    I'll share your blog with the folks I know! ;)

  2. Hello, I have a bathroom just like this. Yours looks awesome!!! My only question is how far from the door is the moulding? From the pictures it doesn't look like it can open. Thanks. =)

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