Flattening A Curved Chest


My hope chest has a curvy figure… I love it, but lamps fall off.

I needed to provide a stable surface for a lamp and reading materials

but the chest is a beautiful heirloom, and I really did not want to drill holes in it.

The super-easy solution is a pair of 1x2s painted black and screwed to a sheet of Plexiglas (drill holes slightly larger than the screws through the Plexiglas first). 

DIY Tip: use a small propane torch (I have one for cooking) gently on the edges of the Plexiglas for a smooth glass-like finish.

The kids mess with it and it slides around, so I think I have a idea to fix that… coming soon!

There’s no reason not to use something you love (even if it takes a little adaptation), right?

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