Blog Turns 1!


Today went by sogoshdarnfast and I only just realized – I’ve been blogging for a year… today.


So anti-climactic, ‘cause yes – I’ve been sick for over 3 weeks {Big Frowny Face}

It’ll be late, but I want to celebrate {when I’m feeling better} 

or maybe

I’ll just take an extra big dose of my codeine cough syrup and *Par-tay% anyway!  You know it – the way only codeine can {Don’t do drugs; stay in school ;)}


Anyway.  Sorry for being such a wet blanket, but what do you guys think will make a fun party?


A giveaway {maybe I’ll make a tripod lamp for some lucky person?}

A DIY decor post {like if I ever finish my… well anything ?}

A guest post {me likey ;)}


Well – I’m off to take my codeine and go to bed (yep 8:30 – I’m tired, peeps… and tomorrow is a new day!)
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