Why I No Longer Eat Mint Ice Cream

Ahh, the things we do for love, right?

Like mint ice cream, which my favorite sweetheart doesn’t like (he says it’s like brushing your teeth with dessert LOL), so I gave it up too.

A small price to pay when you love someone.  For me he’s given up gluten.  Yep, food made with wheat – like take-out pizza, Chinese, most pasta and bread – hamburger buns!

I am so lucky.  My sweet hubs cooks all those things for us using gluten-free flour mixes.  He is always making waffles, biscuits, pizza, bread, buns, pies, cakes and cookies.  All gluten-free!
This is serious folks.  Can you imagine? 
Weekend mornings are always full of home-baked goodness covered in maple syrup.  Weekdays are peppered with healthy gluten-free meals – I think we’re having pesto pizza tonite!

This stuff takes time to make, and Mr. Gorgeous does it without complaint, almost every. single. day. 
A sign I made for my home says it perfectly!
It’s true that we would not eat so well if I was in charge of food.  But my sweetie works – I don’t (right now).  So why does he do it?

Because he’s the most wonderful man.  He loves his family very much.  And we love him too.  Who needs mint ice cream?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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