Can I Take a Rain Check


I got a new toy today.


A Black&Decker lawn edger.

I’m not normally a B&D fan, but the price was right.


I can hear my neighbors cheering already (and thinking maybe now her front yard won’t look so decrepit!)

I got started right away - the sun was shining, and the baby (Little Man) was happily sitting in his high chair by the open front door watching me.


Perfect right?  Ummm, I guess I forgot to knock on wood!!


After the first pass along only one side of the walkway, it began to drizzle (what happened to my sun!)


Next thing I know, I’m caught in a sudden torrential downpour at the same instant Little Man begins a screaming wail that threatens to strip paint.


I packed away the tools and glanced back out at the lawn which had that hopeful look that said Please don’t leave me like this!

So… I didn’t get to spend much time with my new toy,

Little Man is screaming, and


it took 5 minutes before I realized…



I had stepped in dog crap.


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8 Responses
  1. doggie presents aside, I'm jealous - you can actually *see* grass. Mine's still under several inches of snow! Why don't you like b/d? I think they're just the economy brand for dewalt....

  2. I guess I'm still grumpy with Black&decker for a paint sprayer that did NOT work - it was a huge pain in the you know what... otherwise I guess they've been OK. I've bought, used and loved Harbor Freight tools (the cheapiest!), so I can't complain about B&D.

    You're right! We are lucky - there are folks who'll not see their lawns for months yet :(

  3. Oh honey, that sounds like some bad luck. Hopefully you'll get more sunny weather soon. We're also under snow and ice at the moment so...enjoy it! I miss a good torrential rain. Now that I've jinxed myself, I'll let you get back to your boys and toys. Have fun! We miss you!

  4. ahhhh that stinks ;) That looks fun. I have a weed wacker that I break out on occasion to make a path in our back yard.

  5. Well we've got gorgeous 63 degree weather now, so I'm taking another stab at it! I'll let you all know how it goes.

  6. I've got this edger as well (or one just like it), and have found it very capable, especially in the thick clay of North Carolina. I wrote my own review at

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