Making More Christmas Presents


I have only one excuse for not posting much lately… genealogy!


I’ve been researching my husband’s family tree- Love!  This would of course be my dream job… researching family trees and getting paid for it ;)


Anyway, when I drag myself away from the census for a few minutes ;) I have been working on Christmas presents.


I made The Creative Crate’s cute mini hand-warmers – so easy!

She gives a fabulous how-to, with pictures, and even with my poor sewing skills, I made 5 in under 2 hours (with Bamm-Bamm helping me!)

I also used some of the fuzzy green fabric left-over from Little Man’s Quilt, which is harder to sew but also hides a multitude of sins.

The red velvet comes from a too-tight dress I bought at the thrift store (before the kiddos came along), and it was time to say goodbye (to the dress and the figure I have been missing for years now ;)

Anyway… I love them!  I think 5 are not enough. I gots lots a nieces and nephews who would love these!

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3 Responses
  1. What a sweet little gift idea! I'm with you on genealogy -- I adore doing the research, and have to drag myself away from it once I get going!

  2. These are on my list of stuff to make already, but your version is the cutest one I've seen. And Bamm-Bamm is such a competent little helper!

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