Displaying My Christmas Village


Here’s my Christmas Village – the kids love it!

This year I tried something different and put it behind the sofa instead of on the side table in the dining room.

Also, I do not like to have my village sit all flat on the tabletop, so I put some of the packing material under it.

In the past I’ve used vintage tableclothes (very pretty, but they were a little too yellow).  Now I use cheap IKEA sheer curtains.

All the cords run under the sheers in back.  It takes some work, but I’ve got room for (almost) everything.

Pretty cool for a little spot behind the sofa… now where will we put the remote?!?

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2 Responses
  1. Great idea with the packing material. It looks like a real countryside with rolling hills.

  2. It looks great! What a clever idea! I am going to show my son since he is the one who wanted our village set up and did it himself. He did not like it all flat so I am sure he will copy your idea!

    ~ Tracy

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