Built-In Bookcase: Nearly Done - Kinda


So here’s what my bookcase is looking like today…

It’s almost finished.

I need a few more shelves… that is priority #1.  Oh and putting the crown molding up would be smart too ;)

Finally, I’d like to build some cabinet doors for the bottom half (I made some of my own trim – so I think this will be a fun challenge too), but there’s no rush (which means it’ll be months before I get to it!)  It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Still, I think it’s gorgeous, even unfinished and with half my books and knick-knacks just thrown willy nilly on what shelves I do have. 

I can’t wait to dress the shelves with a more esthetic appeal!

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5 Responses
  1. I think it's gorgeous, too! I have really enjoyed and been inspired by watching this project!

  2. Okay, this goes on the Florida room to do list, definitely. It looks just awesome girl.

  3. Great project. We are doing almost exactly the same thing so I am going to shamelessly steal all your ideas...

    One question- how did you attach the hardwood trim to the shelf edges? You mention a rabbet. Did you screw and glue as well?

  4. @Pat G I used small brad nails (new nail gun) and glue. The hardwood edges were a lucky find - cap molding that had a rabbet already!

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