How to Draw on Your Baby Brother’s Face


Bamm Bamm here with a great art project… unusual and fun, and easy enough for anyone, as long as you have a baby brother (or sister)!

Wait for the right time to do your art.  Make a mess in the kitchen first, so Mom has something to keep her busy. 


Use markers not crayons.  Crayons don’t work so well, and pushing hard will make your brother cry and Mom will get mad.


Gather your materials before you start, you don’t want to get up for more because your canvas may crawl away.


Give your brother a marker too, then you don’t have to worry about coloring the mouth, he will do it for you.


Work quickly, you do not have much time.


Don’t leave any big open space of canvas/face left unmarked.  Use lots of colors.

And remember, parents never appreciate your art as much as they should.

Enjoy, because it washes off, and Mom and Dad will give your brother a bath right away.


Hope you all try this yourself – it’s the perfect way to add visual interest to what would otherwise be a boring baby brother!

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14 Responses
    This looks like a scene out of my own life.
    GOOD STUFF... Thanks for giving me a pick me up at the end of a very long and boring day at

  2. Wow, go Bamm Bamm! Did the Little Squirt like the flavor of markers? By the dark stuff around his mouth, it looks like he may have!

  3. Oh Christin! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! I thought it was absolutely hilarious how you wrote the post from Bamm Bamm's perspective as a tutorial! And I thought only my 2 boys would do something like that! I even sent my husband a link cuz he heard me laughing. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lol....needed that this morning!

    Happy Friday!
    Out hopping....Very cute lil cyber spot you've got here...following you now. Come on by Lucy's when you get a chance.

  5. HAHAHAHAHA! So cute, I love it! My 6 yr old is the artist she decorates the littles at least once a week I like to think of it as environmentally friendly art, we don't don't waste paper :)

  6. OMG!! That is the funniest thing I've heard/seen in a long time.
    Just wait till little brother gets big enough for pay-back!!!


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