Darling, let's not ruin what we have with mere words...

Shy?  Introverted?  Don't like it when bloggers reply to your comments?  

Or are you wondering why no one ever responds to your thoughtfully phrased comments of love and appreciation.  Maybe something like "Hey thanks for the nice comment - I'm so glad you liked my poodle-princess-mod podge project - it's nice comments like yours that makes blogging/living worth while.  You are now my best friend forever!".
How many times I've wanted to tell a new commenter how much I appreciate the time they took to drop me a note, but can't because they do not have their email address attached to their blogger account!  Oh the wasted tears...
Sunny's Life in Rehab has a post to help you fix your no reply problem!  It's a pretty common problem you may not even know you have.
Before you know it you'll get replies to your kind words (why say something nice if no one's going to gush appreciatively about it?)  and when you enter contests and win - you'll actually win ('cause folks will be able to email you with that $100 gift certificate code!)

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