Crystal Door Knob Bookend


There’s not much that doesn’t look better after routing a fancy Roman Ogee edge to it.

Like this boring 2x6 piece of lumber.

A little red paint and an antique doorknob - cheap from a thrift store, and I have an easy to make bookend that has got lots of old world style…

I’m thinking of making another… using beadboard next time??

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4 Responses
  1. never would have guessed it, you always find a great way to repurpose things! so cute!

  2. So clever and simple- I just love these as bookends. You are handy dandy and inspirational to people like me who aren't too creative :)

  3. Oh I LOVE this! I'm planning on featuring your project in a "Treasure Hunting Thursday" post I have upcoming this Thursday about doorknobs & different projects that can be done with them. I found your project on Pinterest! So flippin' cute!

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