Why I Can’t Have A Nice Guest Bath


My son doesn’t believe Mommy should have nice things.

He believes all belongs to him… for the pleasure of destroying.


He’s my little piggy…

Just poured paint all over your toys and playroom rug?

Don’t tell Mom, just wash your hands in the guest bath… wipe the paint off with the best guest towel you can find.


No, the paint did not all come out :(

Pretty soaps in the guest shower?  What a waste when they can be used to recreate the bombing of Berlin…




I’m working on a cool IKEA furniture *transformation* right now, so I’m busy and haven’t been blogging much, but I don’t want to forget about you!  

Thanks for all the comments – I love them, but so many of you keep your email private so I get no-reply@blogger when I try to respond :(

Does anyone miss the old IntenseDebate Comment System I used to have?

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6 Responses
  1. I feel ya! I can't wait till these kids grow up so we can have a neat house!

  2. roeshel says hi! :)
    no-reply comment thingy DRIVES me crazy! whew! I feel better.

    have a great night,

  3. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha! And bigger kids just make bigger messes, people. The saying around here is "What isn't falling apart is being actively destroyed."

    The problem with that no reply thing is people are completely unaware of it. I just personally contacted 6 bloggers this week who had no clue. Heck, I had no clue, mine was like that for a YEAR! I did this post a while back to make people aware. Feel free to use it or copy the important parts if you want to post on your blog.


  4. Your little piggy boy is just doing his job. He's really good at it! I don't have a blogger blog, but I love to read yours and other mommy blogs. You can always reply here in the comments section you know :)

  5. Thanks Lisa! I think my little piggy must have had lessons at preschool. He's probably going to make sure his little brother becomes an expert too ;) I probably will respond in the comments. When I used CommentLuv and IntenseDebate, commenters left their email addys in the comment form, so I could reply that way too... I just don't know if folks liked the extra step or not...

  6. Well I know when I read a post, I like to then read the comments section. It's always nice to see the author responding and joining in the conversation she started. Just my 2 cents :)

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