Built-In Bookcase: Hiding Mistakes


We all make mistakes.

But hiding woodworking mistakes doesn’t have to be hard.

Worst-case scenario: you have to cut off the bad part and use the lumber somewhere else.

Other times a careful placement, trim or wood filler, caulk or spackle will do wonders!

Here are some of the mistakes I made while building my bookcases…

The lumber slipped on the table saw and got gouged

PA080011 PA230001 PA230011
fill with wood filler and sand  

Molding cut too short


Cut a bevel into the end and a short add-on piece and splice them together.

Enormous gaps

PA080001 PA080022 PA220002
PA080003 PA080023 PA220001

PA080005 PA230004
P9230069 PA220008
use multiple layers of caulk   – smooth after each application

I started making the wrong angle cut in the baseboard.

P9230041 PA220003
tried caulk, but wood filler   worked better (needs more paint)


Nail holes

PA080007 PA080010
use wood filler to fill and then sand.


I guess I should figure out when you should use caulk and when to use wood filler or putty (and then share that info with you!)

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2 Responses
  1. I'm going through some similar fixes with my baseboard and trim right now! Ugh. Not my favorite part!


  2. I love it! How does that poem go? A lot of caulk, and a little paint, make a carpenter look like what he ain't? That was sort of my mantra last summer when we were getting our house ready to sell...

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