Do You Want More DIY Posts for Beginners, Women, and Moms?

A few recent emails from a reader has inspired me to a series of posts for the beginner DIYer, the furniture builder/woman/mom.  As women, moms and beginner carpenters, we have our own special set of challenges and needs.  

These are topics that sorely need to be written on and a cursory search through the internet show a sad lack...

Here are some of the posts I'm proposing to write:

  • Using "Wood" Materials: MDF, Plywood, and Particle Board (A Pros and Cons post for each)

  • Power Tool Safety for Beginners 

  • Power Tools and Pregnancy

  • DIY Tips for Women (with emphasis on those caring for children while DIYing)

  • The Solo-DIYer (there are tools and tips that will help you when you have no other help)

  • A Beginner's Guide to The Home Depot (this is the store I know best - sorry Lowe's Lovers)

Let me know what you think...  Are there any other topic(s) you want to see?

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