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This is a sad story, so look away if you are easily traumatized!  But don't look away for long because I'm also hoping you'll share your own stories at the end so keep reading...

I love my Dremel (I think you may have heard this on occasion).  Until this week.

It died on me (very un-loyal don't ya think?).

Dremels are not meant to be used as routers*!  Someone needs to tell Dremel this as they continue to sell Router attachments for my favorite "poor-man's" rotary tool.

* unless for dollhouse furniture.

I think you all needed to know this (like a routed hole in the head?)

Here's my baby - I'm going to miss her while she's away being repaired.

I bought a real router (an 8.5amp 1½ horsepower Ryobi).  Here she is (pretty yes?) 
The difference is noticeable...

So I thought, why don't we all share a favorite (or loathed) power tool of ours?

Maybe a bloggy buddy looking to buy a new drill will stop by and get an unparalleled selection of "mini reviews"!  We can be a huge help.  Pat yourself on the back!

So here goes...  Post one (or more) of your power tools

  • In the linky below tell us what it is and if you like/love/hate it.  If you don’t have a blog, just take a picture and add below.  It can be covered in paint too if that's what yours looks like :)

  • If you write a post, share whatever you want! Are there pros or cons of your tool, was it worth the price, do you use it a lot?

  • Bonus if you can show us some pictures of stuff you've built, painted, destroyed, etc with your tool!

Aw'right!  Plug 'em in!!

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