Adjustable Height Storage Sawhorse

What you’ll need (for 1 sawhorse):
Base Unit
2x4 (2- 20” stabilizing legs)
1x6 (1- 22.5” shelf, 2- 26” sides)
2x6 (1- 22.5” bottom)
scrap plywood (for top shelf, shelf sides, and dividers)
2- 1/4” carriage bolts (3.5” long) and 2 wingnuts
1/2” wide flat metal bar

Top Unit
1x6 (1- 24” top, 2- 22” sides)
2- 1/4” wingbolts (1.5” long), 2 washers and 2 Tee nuts

 If you want more storage use 1x8 and 2x8 instead of 1x6 and 2x6.
I cut 2 1x6s into 3 pieces.  22”, 24” and 26”.  The width of the sawhorse is about 24” (2 feet).  the height of the base is 26” and the height of the sliding top is 22”.  The top is 1.5” wider than the base so that the top can slide over the base.

The top slides up and down on routed grooves (1/2” wide) in the top unit that fits over a 1/8” thick metal bar screwed into the base.  A routed slot in the groove (1/4” wide) is for the wingbolts (which are screwed into the Tee nuts in the base).  Simply tighten the wingbolts at the desired height for the sawhorse.
The top has a handle routed into it.

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1 Response
  1. You can eliminate the need for the steel strip and groove in the adjustable part by simply running the horizontal plywood pieces 3/4" past the vertical boards of the base unit. Yes, the plywood will wear some with use, but it should last a very long time for the average home handy man (or woman).

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