House Tour, part 2

I’ll admit these pictures are a little old. 

They were taken before I started the built-in bookcases in the dining room – a project that makes the house a mess and will take (like everything) way longer than I expect!


My Living Room

Almost never looks this good… aren’t playrooms supposed to keep the toys corralled into one room?  Yet somehow they still end up everywhere.

I love genealogy and I have old family portraits on the wall of my dining room.  Some of the pictures go back more than 150 years.

Since these pictures were taken I’ve added a chandelier ($20 at the thrift store - I kid you not!) over the table.

And the tripod lamp I made is now in the corner.

We’ve got a great little opening between the dining area and kitchen.  Maybe you’ve noticed that I love plants…

This is the wall opposite the dining table, and the doorway leads into the nursery and master bedroom.  This space changes a lot.  Right now it’s getting ready for the built-in bookcases.

Here’s the other side of the doorway… also getting ready for the built-in bookcase.   That palm died not long after I bought it… anyone have any luck keeping palms alive indoors?

Ahhh, knotty pine… you will soon be gone…  I think I’ll paint these and put them somewhere else.

OK, that was my dining room.  It’s been a hard place to work with.  Big for a dining room, but not big enough to be more than a dining room.  A little seating area near the new built-in bookcases is in the plans though.

A chair rail might spice it up too.  What do you think?   

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1 Response
  1. Nope. They always die Im an avid gardener I can never get them to live.Although sad to say each year I try it again(they are jus so beautiful.)

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