Trendy Blog Award

I am so flattered!!!

My friend Sunny @ the trendy Life In Rehab gave me this award!

I'd like to thank my gorg husband, my beautiful sons, my mom and sisters for their support... LOL.
Thanks Sunny, this made my day!  And I love your sweet words (though I feel guilty - I haven't had very many "major projects" since little man was born a month ago!)

So I'll make sure the love continues!  What  a great way to discover new blogs and promote some of your bloggy buddies!

Here’s how the award works:

  • To receive this award, promise to share this with 10 other BLOGS that you think are Trendy too.
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The Feminist Housewife -  Caroline and I are kindred spirits - I swear!  I love her!  She's gorgeous and smart, and has a great sense of style.  Her blog is all those things and more!

The Thriftress - Sarah is one "thrafty" "crifty" girl after my own heart.  I wish I could be as "thrafty" as she is!  I'd like to go shopping with this gal! (Hope she doesn't mind mulitple "awards"!!  I'm not her only fan!)

White House, Black Shutters - My friend Ann Marie tackled one huge reno.  I love renos (other peoples), and now she's decorating and doing crafts and projects while expecting a new baby any day now!  I love it when pregnancy doesn't stop you from having fun (tho' a new baby will slow you down if nothing else can).  Love ya, AM!

Potholes & Pantyhose -Rebekah cracks me up, especially with that sledgehammer she's sporting.  This babe had me at "pouring concrete"... I'm just jealous I can't pull off "powertool" as stylishly as she can!

Mom and Her Drill - speaks to me.  Love the blog title, love the building and painting, and Katy and I have other stuff in common too (I also can't cook, and am disorganized), but mostly I love her 'cause she loves her tools!!!!

Random Acts of Flair - MissDDT is a true Arteest!  She knows her flair - and that's a fact!  Check out her shop!

Peppertowne - This blog has some of the BEST tutorials EVER.  Super photography... very inspirational!

Three Dogs At Home - Traci is showing off her skills in the craft department!  She also has the cutest assortment of adorable animal friends ever!

Thrifty Parsonage Living -  How do you transform an parsonage into a home on the cheap while raising a big family?  Joy's doing a great job and sharing each step!

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar - Cheri has 2 boys just like me - but she seems to have a lot more energy!  I love her ideas, crafts and sewing projects.  How she does it all I may never know!! Bookmark and Share
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