Thrifting Through Thursdays: Urban Ore

Urban Ore is my new favorite place to go/be in the Bay Area.

It's like Disneyland for DIY/crafty/scrappy people!  A mix of junkyard, thrift store and recycling center!! Funky Junk Donna you need to come visit me and we'll go to Urban Ore together - you'll love it!

This place has it's own set on flickr; it's inspiration for all artist and creative types, but I keep forgetting my camera when I visit (I know - bad blogger, bad!  Go sit in the corner!!!)

So I found a bunch of great pics via apartment therapy!  In this instance I think a picture speaks 1001 words, so here they are!!

All photos from apartment therapy.

I also picked up a few things!
Of my big haul, the most notable purchases were a bath light for $15, a chandelier ($16) and a stainless sink (for the garage, $35).

Finally, they have a return policy!  I love this place!  I could visit every week...

So visit Urban Ore if you're ever in the Bay Area!  I know people come from a 100 miles away for a day shopping here!
900 Murray St
Berkeley, CA 94710
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