Thrifting Through Thursdays

Yet again, I've scraped together a half hour to stop by the thrift store and I was not disappointed!

  • I found a crib sheet to match the bedding I made.
  • A 4" wide paintbrush in mint condition!
  • A toy for my (spoiled) son - OK let's call it a birthday present!
  • A tin perfect for d├ęcoupage (like the stamp covered tin I did here!)
  • The BEST thing - these flushable diaper liners!!!  If you've ever used cloth diapers, you know how great these are (and how expensive).  I got 5 roll (5!) for $1.99
Whoo Hoo!  Can't beat that (especially since they must be bought online btw, adding shipping to the overall cost!) Bookmark and Share
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