Are you Pregnant (with Power Tools)?

I am having such a hard time nursing my little man (4 weeks old yesterday!)

Got a prescription for a galactagogue (to increase my milk supply), and it really seems to be helping.  But I've also been having sharp, shooting pains, and white/purple nipples - which sounds like vasospasm (from bad latch? Raynaud's?).  Applying heat is definitely helping, but it's still the hardest part of being a mom right now.   Anyone relate?

I've noticed a bunch of blog goddesses are now "pregnant with power tools".  I say that because they are all pretty crafty, even if they don't use power tools very often, and they're all expecting!

I wanna send a huge CONGRATULATIONS to all these fine crafty ladies!

Ann Marie @ White House, Black Shutters
Whitney @ Shanty 2 Chic
Ashley @ Shanty 2 Chic
Martha @ So Lovely Creations
Tiffany @ Making the World Cuter
Mama E @ Home and Hearts
Lorchick @ ON{thelaundry}LINE
Ali @ The Blessed Country Mom

I'm sure I forgot somebody! (I should've been making a note of all these expecting moms as I read their blogs!)
Drop a comment if you're expecting too and I'll add you to my list (this will be fun!!! a little club of preggy ladies). Bookmark and Share
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