Delicious-ness: A Better About Page

I read this great article and was inspired to rewrite my About Page! How is it that some people just know how to blog (and write great articles)!
Check it OUT (and let me know if there's something I missed that you want to see)!!!

 The picture speaks for itself!!  Love this idea!!!!!

This was such a darling idea (on such a darling, tough, little guy) that I am going to HAVE to make one for my tough little guy.  THANK you for this tutorial Cheri!!!!  I Love It!
P.S. I love MissDDT's Marketing Finds series, even though I don't really think of my blog as something I "market".  Maybe I should change that?  I have prettied it up a bit, but that's because it was so fun to do! Bookmark and Share
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